Power and the benefits of therapy on his injuries

Injured in the tendon and unable to stand on his legs, Power the horse had no way out except euthanasia.

Power the horse represents to date the greatest success of this therapy.

This clinical study of tendon lesions allowed TheraStem to validate its methods and confirm the therapeutic potential of olfactory stem cells.

Two weeks after injecting the cells into the tendon sheath, the first effects are visible with a reduction of one point on the EAEP lameness scale.

After 6 weeks, the symptoms completely disappeared. Power is saved and can enjoy perfect health.

Even more significant, an ultrasound assessment conducted at 6 weeks showed that physical signs of injury are no longer visible at all.

These results are indicative of a total physiological regentation, which allows the treated subjects, one year after the transplant, to resume and maintain daily sports activity.

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