TheraStem Therapy

At TheraStem, we have chosen to focus on caution and scientific knowledge to ensure safety and the best treatments for your pet.

After several years of evaluation of the therapeutic properties of stem cells, TheraStem makes them available to veterinarians in the form of innovative therapeutic agents providing new solutions for the treatment of many equine and canine diseases.


TheraStem, a technological and medical innovation


From stem cells present in a small biopsy of your animal's olfactory mucosa, TheraStem researchers will grow a population of tens of millions of stem cells that will be stored in liquid nitrogen.


TheraStem 1st autologous stem cell bank to guarantee the safety of a full and active life of animals.


This “cell account” is therefore exclusively composed of cells belonging only to your pet and which will therefore be able to repair its own tissues, without causing any biological stress.


At the time of the transplant, the veterinarian knows exactly how many cells he administers and is assured of their vitality.


TheraStem's treatment is a real therapeutic improvement that avoids the administration of drugs that may have side effects and whose residues are found in nature.

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